Buffalo, Minnesota



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Professional Boarding Services are available in our climate controlled boarding facility located on 37 acres in the Buffalo countryside.

Rates (effective October 1, 2012):
$24.00 per day for one dog.
$36.00 per day for two dogs, same family.
Additional dogs/same family at discounted rates.

Vaccinations required:
(to be verified with your veterinarian).
Vaccinations need to current at least 10 days prior to your dogs visit.
With 9 yards to exercise dogs in, your dog is sure to get plenty of time outside throughout the day.
Special diets and daily medications are no problem and taken care of at no additional cost. We do not charge any additional fees for your dogs stay.
All breeds and all sizes of dogs are welcome. The kennels are plenty big for family dogs to share a space.

Sting,Snap Kennel

Sting and Snap show  you one the new private kennels. With a raise floor, your dog will never be resting on cold concrete. Solid walls provide complete privacy from their neighbor.

We feed quality Canidae dog food should you decide but we recommend bringing your dogs regular food for us to feed them while they stay here.
 We have several outside yards to take the dogs out to throughout the day. We have the most flexible drop off/pick up schedule to meet you needs.
Call 320-963-5123 (TC metro call) for reservations

Charlie, Radar and Jas

Charlie, Radar and Jasmine enjoy some fun in the sun (and snow.....)

kennel yard

The North yard is secured by a 7 foot high privacy fence.

Excercise yard

Check out the South exercise yard!
Over 4,000 square feet of fenced area to run!


Another look at those fancy new digs!